UNIX Password, Roles & Node Management

Password Management's original purpose was to safely update UNIX /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files across multiple homogenous environments for a number of users in a homogenous OS installation. It's evolved to do more than that, but it's still pretty good at this original goal. It's currently in use at Covad Communications for the following tasks:

The original author is Jonathan Gilbert (jgilbert at covad dot com, now jong at jong dot org), with substantial contributions by the following:

On 10/07/2005, immediately following the roles merge, the code was branched into a "public_root" tree. That tree is what you're reading from right now. It contains a slightly sanitized copy of the codebase (the Covad specific settings and workaround are removed, and most of the foul language has been deleted - sorry). Following sanitization it was uploaded to the public for use, modification, extension, whatever - it's out under the Apache 2.0 OSS license. Have a ball with it.


You can get a copy of it via the sf.net download page.


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